Travel insurance

Insurance for vacations and business travel

Whether you are visiting a different part of the country or the other side of the world, travel insurance protects you from the cost of delayed or cancelled transport, broken or stolen possessions, or emergency medical treatments. 

However, not all travel insurance performs as well as you need it to. Our consultants arrange high-quality cover that protects you when your trip runs into problems. 

Policy highlights:

Single trip or annual basis

Select the level of cover you need. Choose between cover for a single planned trip, or for any trips you take over the next 12 months.

Our 24/7 claims process is fast and painless - even during peak travel seasons.

Avoid problematic, lengthy, stressful travel claims and delayed payments. If you need to make a claim on your policy, just call our claims team on the dedicated 24/7 claims hotline. 

Comprehensive coverage for maximum freedom

Includes skiing and snowboarding, scuba diving, mountaineering, rock climbing, and other popular activities.

Excess waiver cover as standard

Ease the stress of hire cars with Damage Collision Excess Waiver included as standard.   

Financial Failure Protection included as standard

If the airline goes bust, or the hotel shuts down, we’ll get you where you need to be.

Things to be aware of

Our insurance complies with EU regulations  

Travel insurance is compulsory if you are travelling to Europe. To be able to enter the EU a traveller must have a Schengen Visa - and their visa application will only be approved if they have travel insurance covering each European state and the whole duration of their planned trip.

Travel insurance vs ticket insurance

When you buy your travel tickets, the company you are buying them from often offers you the chance to add insurance. 

However, this isn't insurance for your whole trip - it is just for that part of your journey. For example, the cost of your flights might include insurance that will cover you if something happens to your flight or while you're in the airport. But you will not be insured for anything else that happens on your trip - before you arrive at the airport, or after you leave it.

For travel insurance you can trust, choose Howden

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