Small-to-Medium Businesses

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As a small business leader, cost control and efficiency are high on your list of priorities. Howden can help you with both, by offering tailored insurance and consolidated admin processes.

Some SME leaders choose to go direct to insurers, especially through price comparison sites. Choosing ‘off the shelf’ may appear to be cost-effective, but the lack of personalisation can often leave you overpaying or exposed – or even both.    

What we offer is different

We build a tailored offering around your business, to protect against all your everyday risks. We also offer powerful claims support, so in the event of a claim, you are never on your own.

We can help you:
  • Get the right policy
  • Save money
  • Cut down on admin time
  • Improve risk management in your business 
  • Get claims paid out.

Why bundling works:

Consolidating renewal dates and admin processes means that, as a business, you spend a shorter period of time each year thinking about insurance – you can get everything you need in place with fewer meetings, calls and emails. So you can focus on what you do best.

Our consultants will take the time to review your risks and learn about your business, while cutting down admin for you.   in addition, we are able cut down on admin for ourselves through volume placements and insurer collaboration, thus extracting savings which are then, passed on to you.

Tailoring bundles: what are your options?

The two main things you need to protect yourself from are the loss of business assets and costs associated with your liabilities.

Office / Commercial property

Commercial property insurance is designed to cover loss or damage to your buildings, offices, contents, stock etc. Good policies also provide coverage for business interruption.

General liability

Any business, whether small or big, is exposed to various liabilities in course of their business, be it from clients, customers or employees. Liability Insurance covers you against third-party claims for injury or damage to someone else’s property, including bodily injury, data loss, defamation and slander and legal defense.

Construction projects

If you are in the construction business, or commissioning works, speak to us. We offer very competitive rates on Construction All Risk cover. For SME businesses, we can provide comprehensive cover for building projects up to 300 million pesos or $6million USD.


For motor fleet insurance and personal motor insurance we offer extremely competitive terms, often with superior coverage and lower premiums than the aggregators – especially when there is a claims history involved. And if you’re like most businesses with vehicles on the road, it’s more likely than not that you’ve had to make a claim.

So working with a broker can not only help you with the process but also help you make a proper claim.


If your business involves the movement of cargo by land, water or air, our SME bundles can be designed to cover your marine cargo. For the full range of marine risks we cover, please see our marine page  


If you wish to save on your home contents and buildings insurance, we are also able to consolidate these into bundled packages.

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Quality affordable HMO for SME businesses

Serious about keeping your top talent? Try Howden Prime.

Why choose Howden?

The main reason to choose a specialist broker is the support you get.

Our team has lots of experience in working with SME businesses – and our claims support is second to none. We’ve successfully managed thousands of claims, and helped many companies adjust their risk management planning to help avoid problems.

Put simply, we’re obsessed with service.

We’re passionate about programme design, risk management advice and claims management. We’ll help you get good value for money – and when you need it most, we’ll help you get what you paid for.

Knowing you have expert support to call on gives you better peace of mind, so you can truly focus on running your business.

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