What does a broker do?

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We exist to make life easier for the people behind the risks. Here are the main seven ways we help you meet your objectives. 

1. Defending your claims record 

People can and will make claims on your insurance against you, which will affect later premiums. We defend your interests with knowledge, experience, charm and backbone. 

2. Managing your reputation 

Got claims on your track record? We work with you to represent your case to insurers in the best possible light. 

3. Access beyond the mainstream 

Insurance you see online is the tip of the iceberg - we access a broad range of global and local insurers, not just the big names you see on TV. 

4. Cutting costs through cutting risks  

Helping you learn from others’ mistakes with up-to-the-minute thinking on risk management trends. 

5. Claims advocacy

You want your claim paid fast. We can get results quicker than you thought possible (we often take on claims advocacy cases for clients where their incumbent broker is failing to get the claim paid). 

6. Helping good decision making 

Explain, advise, simplify; we you show the difference between your best options, in language you understand. 

7. Making doing business safer

From balance sheet protection planning to employee wellbeing programs and cybersecurity, our advice protects your long term prosperity. 


Why we don’t dive in to the hard sell

Our service proposition is about more than “insurance products.” 

Insurance is a service – assistance in restoring your business to prosperity when you’re in trouble. And like all services, some providers are better than others. 

Because of the long list of troubles you can run into, buying the right insurance can get complicated. 

As such, it’s got much in common with the procurement of a major IT project. 

But a lot of companies treat insurance like re-ordering printer paper. 

When it’s running low, they buy some more – the cheapest they can find.

Why agents are all about the sale – and why we don’t recommend them

An insurance agent works on behalf of an insurance company to find new clients. 

In a highly price-elastic sales environment, agents don’t expect client loyalty, so it’s not a priority for them. When a business model doesn’t prioritise client loyalty, who suffers? 

How they workSalesmanConsultant
Works forInsurance companiesYou
Communication styleMay not be in their interests to divulge full detailsOpen. Stands to benefit from giving you the full picture
Advises on ?A broad range of risk management issues

Howden consultants, always on your side

A broker is a consultant who manages the procurement and fulfillment of insurance, right the way from scoping out project needs, to handling the claims process. 

What’s the key difference between an agent and a broker? We're always on your side. 

Because you’re our client. Our business model is wholly dependent on client loyalty. 

We always look to meet your precise needs as a buyer, not the needs of the seller. 

We will never try fit clients to a product. 

There is no such thing as a standard client so we don't have standard solutions. 


Always here to help

Let's talk...

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