Howden ACP Cookie Policy

At HOWDEN ACP SİGORTA VE REASÜRANS BROKERLİĞ A.Ş.  (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), we would like to inform you that we take utmost care in processing personal data of the visitors of our website in line with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and its related legislation (“KVK Legislation”) and that we use cookies on our website.  

The purpose of this Cookie Policy is to inform you about the types and purpose of use of the cookies collected upon the visit of the website operated by us (“Website”) by the Website users/members/visitors (“Data Subject”).  

What is a Cookie?  

Cookies are small text files, mostly comprised of letters or numbers, stored on your computer or mobile device (“device”) when you visit a website and allow the identification of that device.  

Which Personal Data Are Processed via Cookies? 

Your usage and visit habits, session details, previous transactions and navigation details on the Website are processed via the cookies.  

Our Company processes your personal data comprised of cookies collected via log files, empty GIF files and/or third party resources in accordance with the KVK Legislation and for the following purposes: 

  • We process your navigation details on the Website in order to provide better services to the website visitors and share the same with third parties and store the same securely only for this purpose. 

  • Your previous transactions are stored in order to create a summary regarding your preferences. 

  • Your navigation details and/or your usage history on the Website may be monitored in order to provide you with specific advertisements in line with your marketing permission, present promotions and marketing offers, improve the contents of the Website according to you and/or identify your preferences. 

  • Functional and analytical cookies are used in order to analyze how the Website is used and to improve your experience to use the Website.  

The Company may match the information collected using different methods online and offline or the information collected from you on the Website in different periods of time, and use the same together with the information obtained from other resources such as third parties. 

Which Types of Cookies Are Used?  

Our Website uses both first party cookies (placed by the website you visit) and third party cookies (placed by the servers other than the website you visit). Below you can find different types of cookies used on our Website:  

  • Mandatory (Basic) Cookies: These cookies are mandatory to be used in order to ensure smooth functioning of the Website and allow you to benefit from its features and the services provided. For instance, the identification cookies which become active when you log in to our Website allow you to continue using your active session when you navigate between pages on our Website. The deactivation of these cookies may render the services and features unavailable for use.  

  • Persistent Cookies: These cookies are valid until deleted by you via browsers or their deadline, and are used to increase the functionality of the Website and provide our visitors with faster and better services. These cookies are used to remember your preferences and customize your use of the Website. They include cookies which store your user password and ensure that your website session is continuously logged in, thus avoid entering the password for more than once on your every visit, and which remember and recognize you on your further visits to the Website. 

  • Session Cookies: These cookies are temporary cookies used during your visit to the Website and deleted when you close the browser. These cookies do not include personal data and help with reducing the need to transfer the personal data on the Internet. You can delete or prevent the use of such cookies. However, the deactivation of these cookies may cause a decrease in the performance of the Website and restriction in the user experience. 

  • Google Analytics

  1. Purpose: Monitoring / Analysis 
  2. Purpose of Use: To measure and analyze the visitor traffic to the Website from different aspects in order to increase the performance and user experience. 
  3. Method of Working: It provides anonymous mass data regarding which pages you navigate and what you do on
  4. Type of Cookie: Third Party, Persistent and Session cookies 


How Can You Control the Use of Cookies?  

The use of cookies is not mandatory for the use of our Website. You can personalize your preferences regarding cookies by changing the settings of your browser. 

If you configure your browser to block all cookies, you can still continue to use our Website. However, this way you may not access all functions of the Website or you may have a limited access and your user experience quality may decrease.  

Google Analytics 

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Safari TR 


What Are Your Rights as a Data Subject? 

We would like to inform you that pursuant to Article 11 of KVKK, you have the following rights:   

  • To learn whether or not your personal data have been processed;  

  • To request information as to processing if your personal data have been processed;  

  • To learn the processing purpose for your personal data and whether such data are used in accordance with the intended purpose;  

  • To know the third parties to whom your personal data have been transferred at home or abroad;  

  • To request rectification in case your personal data are processed incompletely or inaccurately and to request notification of such rectification to the third parties to whom your personal data have been transferred;  

  • To request deletion or destruction of your personal data even if they are processed pursuant to the provisions of KVKK and other related laws if the reasons for processing are no longer valid and to request notification of such deletion and destruction to the third parties to whom your personal data have been transferred;  

  • To object to occurrence of any result that is to your detriment by means of analysis of processed data exclusively through automated systems;  

  • To request compensation for the damages in case you suffer from damages due to unlawful processing of your personal data.  


You can submit your requests regarding such rights preferably by entirely filling in the KVKK Application Form available on our Website and submitting it  

  • Maslak Mah. Maslak Meydan Sok. Beybi Giz Plaza No:1 K:4-5 Sarıyer 34485 İstanbul, Turkey; 

  • in writing through a notary public or with registered letter with return receipt in order for us to ensure your identification and not to give information to wrong persons; 

  • via [email protected], our registered electronic mail address (KEP); 

  • by sending an email to [email protected] using your electronic mail address previously shared by you with Infinitumit and registered in our systems (if any);  

or by using the other methods to be determined by the Board in the future.