Howden’s Marine Speciality team creates bespoke insurance for complex scenarios. Working with some of the biggest international players, we handle any aspect of marine risk, regardless how large or complex.

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100+ specialist insurers

We have good relationships with everyone that matters in the market

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Placing USD700m in premium per year

Big footprint, strong negotiating power

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Multi-disciplinary team

We have the full range of legal, insurance and risk management expertise to create Innovative comprehensive solutions

If you’re building, owning, consulting or operating at sea, you need an insurance partner with an in-depth understanding of the issues you face, and a strong network with specialist underwriters both locally and globally.

Our focus is on:
  • Offshore Support Services – Contractors, Ship Owners
  • Offshore Energy & Construction
  • Cargo Vessels
  • Drilling Vessels
  • Port authorities
  • Tankers and Bulk Carrier Vessels
  • Tugs and Barges, Dredgers
  • Yachts
  • Marine and Subsea Equipments
  • Freight forwarders, warehouse operators and stevedores.

We help all sorts of businesses working at sea, from energy companies, to port authorities to commercial fishing operations and everything in between.

Typically our bespoke insurance protection options can combine:
  • Physical damage
  • Liability coverage
  • Errors and omission
  • Business interruption
  • Additional costs of doing business (control of well / operators extra expense)
  • Marine cargo / goods-in-transit
  • Terrorism cover.

We take the time to get to know your business, the tailor your insurance to suit your needs precisely. That’s the key benefit of using a real specialist – we can help you streamline and save.

We have access to over 100 specialist insurers, which is especially important with complex, high-value risks.  With large complex risks, many of the specialist insurers are based in the Lloyds of London market, a stone's throw from Howden global HQ. As such, our global teams work hand in hand with the London team every day to ensure the best possible coverage and up-to-date risk management advice.

Marine & energy incredibly complex sector, which means a multi-disciplinary approach is important.

The team is a dynamic mixture of highly-experienced brokers and technicians whose expertise has been honed during multiple cycles of the insurance market.  

Our projects include:
  • Port and terminal
  • Coastal tugs
  • Bulk carriers
  • Tankers
  • Offshore support vessels
  • Floating storage, production and uploading
  • Jack-up / drilling rigs
  • Structure / construction / fabrication projects, inc. hook up and commissioning
  • Floating production, storage and uploading
  • Contractors – oilfield services, subsea services, offshore drilling, liftboat operators, diving operation
  • Offshore Supply Vessels & Workboats
  • Ocean Going Vessel Operations
  • Inland River Tug & Barge Operations
  • Dredging / Wet Construction Companies. 

We're always here to help

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