Construction & Engineering

Howden advises leading construction companies, financiers, lawyers and agents on transactions across the globe. We’ll build a comprehensive program to protect you at every stage of the project lifecycle.

We regularly provide advice and risk due diligence to financing parties, as well as project owners. We are highly experienced in risk management for projects involving lenders and financiers, with the stricter requirements under the financing agreement. 

Some projects we've been involved in recently:

  • Infrastructure, highways, ports, railway, bridges
  • Renewable energy
  • Recyclable energy and biomass
  • Mixed development
  • Power plants
  • Industrial and manufacturing.

What we do for you:

We work with all the various different parties in a major project: project promoter, developer, main and/or EPC Contractors, lenders, key contractors, nominated subcontractors and related project stakeholders.

We take a  ‘hybrid’ approach and offer a holistic program structure ie Principal Controlled Insurance Program (PCIP) covering the full suite of risks, eliminating gaps and achieving the economies of scale.

  • Review of project contracts around risk, liabilities and insurance
  • Structuring the program
  • Advise on insurance and manage the tender process for you to secure the best terms for you
  • Help with risk management planning 
  • Consider your risk allocation and indemnity & hold harmless provisions between project party
  • Handle claims 
  • Manage the insurance program.

Because adventurous plans quickly turn into hurdles and mundane details, you need deeply experienced advisors, with up-to-the-minute risk insights. We're to here to help things go smoothly. 

We're always here to help

Call us on  +56 2 24 29 4410  or drop us a quick message and we'll get back to you asap


Contact - Carlo Caiani
Tel No - 56 (9) 77599739

Contact - Juan Antonio Sánchez
Tel No - 56 (9) 65879482

Contact - Alejandro Guajardo
Tel No - 56 (9) 54076238

Contact - Fernando Olavarria
Tel No - 56 (9) 33656999

Contact - Roberto López
Tel No - 56 (9) 4934 1105

Contact - José Escudero
Tel No - 56 (9)74440208

Contact - Bernardita Laso
Tel No - 56 (9) 97011978

Contact - Miguel Anselmi
Tel No - 56 (9) 5444 9361

Contact - Victoria Jaramillo
Tel No - 56 (9) 52158022

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