Responsibilities & Services

Dear client:

The main objective of Grupo Ordás Howden, Agente De Seguros Y de Fianzas", Sociedad Anónima Promotora De Inversión De Capital Variable, (hereinafter "Howden") is to provide you with excellence in all aspects of our services, for that reason we direct all our efforts in fulfilling the promise of value that differentiates us.

We are pleased to remind you that more than 37 years of experience in the insurance and surety sector, allows us to offer you unique solutions in the industry, backed by a team of highly specialized advisors, state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, and service channels available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in which you will find customized solutions.

On this occasion, we inform you about our main responsibilities as an Insurance and Surety Agent, which highlight some of the benefits to which you have access, including a comprehensive advice for the conclusion, preservation or modification of insurance or surety contracts. The above, always considering the best result and your satisfaction as a contracting party; that is why to maintain transparency in the exercise of our activities and prevent possible conflicts of interest, Howden makes the following information available to you:

  • The solutions you get from Howden are comprehensive. In the specific case of insurance contracts, Howden provides the insured with advisory, information and management services for the contracting, in the terms and conditions that best suit the interests of the insured, both before contracting the insurance, as well as during its term and for its renewal; as well as, in the event of the occurrence of a loss, for the attention and collection of the corresponding indemnity. All the aspects of attention and service are oriented to give you the greatest satisfaction and peace of mind.
  • The brokerage activities performed by Howden are supported by commercial contracts with the Insurance and Bonding Institutions authorized by the National Insurance and Bonding Commission; for this purpose, we provide you with a list of Insurance and Bonding Institutions for which we perform brokerage activities.
  • To strengthen your security, we inform you that we have a Civil Liability Insurance for errors and omissions to guarantee the fulfillment of the responsibilities in which we may incur due to our activities.
  • Howden does not have the authority to accept risks and subscribe or modify policies, as it is not an insurance company. In the case of surety bonds, depending on which one you decide to contract, in some cases Howden is a mandated agent.

If you ever need to consult the information of our license and authorization as an Agent, enter the C.N.S.F. web page; you can also verify that we have never been sanctioned by the National Commission of Insurance and Surety Bonds (Comisión Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas).

Whenever you contract our insurance product(s) and/or bond(s), we deliver the corresponding documentation in a professional and complete manner; however, you are urged to verify that the documentation matches your request, and that said documentation contains the product registration before the C.N.S.F. (National Insurance and Bonding Commission).

It is important to note that once your application for coverage is accepted, we will provide you with the following information and/or documentation:

  • The title page of the policy purchased.
  • The general conditions and other documentation related to the insurance or bond contracted.
  • The receipt issued by the corresponding Insurance or Surety Institution for the payment of premiums, clearly explaining the elements it must contain for it to be fully valid.

Finally, we are proud to confirm the integrity and honesty of our company, and we remind you that our advisory services, guidance, quotation, and attention are free of charge.

We are at your disposal for any comments you may have.


Consultation: General Provisions derived from the Law of Insurance and Bonding Institutions, of the Insurance and Bonding Single Circular, in force as of April 4, 2015.

If you need to know the amount of the commission or compensation that corresponds to Howden for the intervention in the execution of the contract, request it to the Contact Center. This is irrespective of whether Howden has informed you of the commission due to Howden for its intervention prior to the contracting of the insurance or bond.

Under no circumstances may Howden accept any money or consideration from users and/or customers, other than the commission Howden receives from the Insurance and Bonding Institutions for services rendered or for services unrelated to brokerage.nales, informales o personales, respecto al pago de la prima o que comprometan la prestación de servicios de Howden.

For no reason may Howden offer provisional, informal, or personal receipts regarding the payment of the premium or that compromise the rendering of Howden's services.

In no event shall Howden receive any advance for the purchase of insurance or additional coverage.