Contingency and Special Risks

In the modern world, you need to think big: big ideas, big names and big budgets. With bigger budgets come bigger risks, for which we can provide specialist risk management solutions. 

Every risk outside of the box needs close attention.

The contingency insurance market has a wealth of expertise and experience to maximise promotional and event budgets, providing specialist coverage for even the most unusual risks.  

Be it sports, gaming, promotional activity or just simply protecting the balance sheet, we can provide the right solution.  

If you have a smart, lateral thinking broker on your side, you can leverage the insurance market’s risk appetite to increase the impact of your project.

Insure situations you never knew were insurable 

Do you have specific scenarios keeping you awake at night? You might not even realise it possible to insure them. 

We strive to deliver tailored solutions for risks that are not covered by traditional policies.  No matter what the issue is, or how strange the request is, we will endeavour to  find a way to transfer the financial risk to the insurance markets. 

There is no proposal form or wording for this: we work with our clients to understand the issues in hand, then collaborate with the insurance market, who welcome innovative proposals. 

Remember – no request is too strange.  Whatever keeps you awake at night, we strive to find a workable solution to transfer the risk from your balance sheet. 

Insurance is not just about disaster recovery. How dare people say insurance is boring!