Personal Accident

Worldwide, 24/7 protection for your employees.

Group Personal Accident is a valued part of an employee benefits package because it can offer some comfort at a time when employees and their families are worried and feeling vulnerable.

Howden’s expertise, footprint in the market and solid relationships with insurers means we can arrange insurance that fits your needs precisely, without paying too much. 

Policy highlights

Covers medical, hospital and mobility expenses

Insurance provides appropriate financial support for a variety of outcomes:

  • Accidental Death
  • Unprovoked Murder and Assault
  • Permanent and temporary disablement, including dismemberment
  • Funeral/Burial costs. 

24/7 global cover

Wherever your people are, they are covered. 

Comprehensive coverage, for a broad range of scenarios 

You’ve covered for: natural disasters, motor accidents including motorcycles, disappearance, drowning, smoke/poison inhalation, food poisoning, animal bites* and more. Speak to your Howden broker for full details. 

*Everything apart from mosquitoes. 

Covers riots, strikes, civil commotion and terrorism 

Some policies have these scenarios excluded – ours don’t. 

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Powered by technology to make your people’s lives easier 

1. Online portals and mobile apps

Find your nearest accredited facility, and avoid queues by getting Letters of Authorization in advance. 

2. Save stress at the hospital with microchip technology

No-more stressful time on hold at the hospital, get automatic approval simply by tapping your card. 

How are premiums calculated? 

Premiums are influenced by the danger levels associated with your job. 

Class 1 – very low hazard white-collar work

For example, office-bound workers.

Class 2 -  White-collar worker, with additional risk factors

Examples would be travelling sales staff and people who do site visits. 

Class 3 – Industrial workers, skilled or semi-skilled 

This category also includes certain higher-risk jobs like petrol station attendant, taxi driver.

Class 4 – Industrial workers using heavy machinery / unskilled labourers

Other higher-risk roles in this category include policeman or firefighter.

Class 5 – Extremely hazardous roles

Some roles are even more dangerous than fighting fires. These cases need to be reviewed individually, in close detail, with premiums calculated on a case-by-case basis. Please call for details. 

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