Motor Vehicle insurance

When cars are a passion, insurance needs specialist attention

Whether you’re driving a Toyota to work or adding the latest supercar to your collection, we’ll build you a package that’s sensitive to your needs.

We arrange insurance for:

  • High-value motor cars
  • High-performance motor cars
  • Classic and vintage cars
  • Family fleet
  • Specialist / Non-standard motor cars

Blend security and convenience into a comprehensive package, tailored for you

Comprehensive cover when driving other cars 

You will be covered regardless of whose vehicle you are driving

Agreed claims value: don’t get caught out by depreciation

Don’t be caught short by depreciation – choose a policy that pays out the value at policy inception, not today’s market value.  

New car replacement 

When your car is damaged and deemed beyond economical repair, our insurers can replace the old one with a brand new like-for-like replacement. This applies where you were the first registered owner of the vehicle and the vehicle is up to three years old. 

Like-for-like loan car during claims

If you drive a Ferrari your loan car shouldn’t be a Fiat Cinquecento – but it’s not unheard of to be offered one. We only offer policies where the loan vehicle is like-for-like to that of the vehicle being repaired. If you opt to not receive a loan car, some insurers will waive the excess.

High coverage limits to suit high-value vehicles

We can offer policy limits far beyond anything a typical comparison site motor policy could give you. We’re comfortable meeting more unusual and specific requirements. 

Optional legal expenses cover

If a third party claims liability against you, legal expenses cover will cover the costs of mounting a defence and any damages.

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Our specialist team

Photo of Firman Amersyah


Firman Amersyah

Senior Vice President
Photo of Firman Amersyah

Firman Amersyah

Senior Vice President

Firman joined Howden in December 2013 as Assistant Vice President in the Strategic Business Development. He is responsible to develop the business strategically across the company. Part of his responsibility is to develop initiatives towards clients.

Prior to joining Howden, Firman worked at Aon as Manager at Corporate Risks Services Division, where handle various major clients as well as Lippo group business. Part of his focus is also to develop affinity initiatives with corporate risks services. Previously, he also worked for JLT to handle corporate and industrial clients for 4 years and prior to that he was working for one of the major bank in Bandung, Panin Bank as internal auditor. He has more than 7 years experience.

Firman graduated from Bina Nusantara University, majoring in computerized accounting. He has just completed one of the professional qualifications from ANZIIF, CIP, Ahli Pialang Asuransi dan Reasuransi Indonesia (APAI) and Certified Indonesian Insurance & Reinsurance Broker (CIIB).

Photo of Subur Christianto


Subur Christianto

Senior Vice President
Photo of Subur Christianto

Subur Christianto

Senior Vice President

Subur joined Howden September 2012. Subur leads Financial Risks, Small Medium Enterprise and Affinity Risks division, as Assistant Vice President. Part of his responsibilty in SME, Affinity is to handle large chain-business risks like chain-shops, warehouses, restaurants as well as motor fleet risks. Subur is one of the key initiator to develop online based insurance facility which beneficial to our clients.

He is also responsible to develop specialty financial risks to adopt the group expertise and deploy to local business focus, such as Directors & Officers, Professional Indemnity, Trade Credit risks and the like.

Prior to joining Howden, Subur was working for JLT to focus on corporate and energy risk where handle major and complex risks clients. Previously also he worked for a Japanese insurance company, MSIG Insurance, focusing on small and medium enterprise. He has more than 7 years experience.

Area of expertise includes property insurance, motor vehicles insurance and various insurances for small and medium enterprise.

Subur graduated from Universitas Brawijaya with Finance major. He also holds from the same university a master degree in Corporate Finance. He holds professional qualification Ahli Pialang Asuransi dan Reasuransi Indonesia (APAI) and Certified Indonesian Insurance & Reinsurance Broker (CIIB).

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