Protection and Indemnity

The shipping industry depends on skilled crews and high-value vessels, transporting valuable goods around the world. When people, ships, or cargo are harmed or lost, the results can be catastrophic. Protection and Indemnity Insurance (P&I) protects ship owners, operators, and charterers from the financial fallout. 

Our P&I covers liabilities including (but not limited to):  

  • Loss of life,  
  • Injury and illness of crew, passengers and other persons  
  • Cargo loss, shortage or damage 
  • Collision 
  • Damage to docks, buoys and other fixed and floating objects 
  • Wreck removal 
  • Pollution 

Policy highlights 

1. Choose between a fixed and mutual premium 

Safe comprehensive cover, different limits of liability to suit vessel size and risk. 

2. All-risk cover up to $1 billion USD 

Cover for total loss, damage repairs, salvage costs, general average contributions, labour and certain other liabilities.  

3. Assisted claims management   

Taking the pain out of claims, always on your side.  

4. Risk management planning and support  

Our proprietary surveys and benchmarking tools help you cut risk – and present you in the most sympathetic way to insurers.   

We believe that our role is more than just protecting our clients from risk. As your risk consultants, we exist to empower you to grow your business by removing risk obstacles - the emphasis is always on the quality of cover, ready to stand strong when you need it most. 


Members of the P&I club pay a contributory premium into a mutual fund. These premiums, plus investment, cover the cost when any member makes a claim. Mutual premiums offer broader cover and have a higher limit of indemnity than fixed premiums. They are intended for costlier, higher-risk vessels like large commercial ships, tankers, and cruise ships. All members of a mutual fund share the risk equally. If the shared fund is not enough to cover a particularly large risk, members will be asked to make supplementary payments. That means that the initial premium paid might not be the total cost of your insurance.


Fixed premium cover is designed for small ship owners and operators, who don’t need the same high limits offered by a mutual fund. The cover is less extensive, and the available limits of liability are typically lower too. However, unlike with a mutual premium, the cost of the insurance is non-variable throughout the duration of the policy.

P&I is designed to complement your Marine Hull policy

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