Business Interruption

In the industrial and manufacturing industries, there are a lot of things that can affect the productivity of your business. Supply chain failure, machinery malfunction, human error, and even bad weather can all slow down or even halt productivity altogether. Any kind of interruption to your business can result in missed deadlines, increased costs, and lost revenue. 

With Howden’s Business Interruption insurance, your business is protected against the financial cost of such problems. We also offer a host of additional benefits, reducing your risk profile and helping your business to run smoothly.

Policy Highlights:

Tailor your cover

Your business is personal, so your insurance should be too. Extend your cover to meet your needs. Get the insurance you need, without paying for cover you don’t want. 

Policy socialisation 

When you choose a policy with us, we will visit your business to train you on your cover. We will tell you what is covered, what isn’t, what your limits are, and what to do if you need to claim. We are industry experts, so our advice is always tailored to your business and the industry you work in.

Risk survey 

We also conduct a personalised Risk Survey to help you identify potential hazards in your business, and what you can do to reduce them. We will complete a risk survey at the start of your cover, and return every year to check that your risk profile hasn’t changed. Reducing your risks doesn’t just keep your business safer – it reduces your premium, too.

Claims service 

If you do need to claim, our expert Claims Team is on your side. They will make sure that you get the payment you deserve as quickly as possible.

With Business Interruption insurance, it is vital to calculate accurately the financial impact of any interruption to your business. It is easy to underestimate this, but that can lead to underinsurance. If you are under-insured, you will not be able to claim the full cost of any interruption – and your business will pay the price.

Meet the team

Photo of Firman Amersyah


Firman Amersyah
Senior Vice President
Photo of Firman Amersyah

Firman Amersyah

Senior Vice President, Strategic Business Development

Firman joined Howden in December 2013 as Assistant Vice President in the Strategic Business Development. He is responsible to develop the business strategically across the company. Part of his responsibility is to develop initiatives towards clients.

Prior to joining Howden, Firman worked at Aon as Manager at Corporate Risks Services Division, where handle various major clients as well as Lippo group business. Part of his focus is also to develop affinity initiatives with corporate risks services. Previously, he also worked for JLT to handle corporate and industrial clients for 4 years and prior to that he was working for one of the major bank in Bandung, Panin Bank as internal auditor. He has more than 7 years experience.

Firman graduated from Bina Nusantara University, majoring in computerized accounting. He has just completed one of the professional qualifications from ANZIIF, CIP, Ahli Pialang Asuransi dan Reasuransi Indonesia (APAI) and Certified Indonesian Insurance & Reinsurance Broker (CIIB).

Photo of Rusan Abubakar


Rusan Abubakar
Senior Vice President
Photo of Rusan Abubakar

Rusan Abubakar

Senior Vice President, General Non-EB Risks

Rusan joined Howden in December 2013 as Assistant Vice President in the General Non-EB Risks. Part of his responsibility is to include overall management and coordination of all general and non-employee benefit risks ranging from corporate, industry, marine, SME, affinity as well as financial risks.

Prior to joining Howden, Rusan worked with Aon for 13 years, handling large corporate clients.

Rusan has an extensive experience and knowledge to handle variety of large and complex risks ranging from industrial risks, palm mill risks to telecommunication risks. He has experiences as a professional broker for more than 15 years.

Rusan graduated from Krisnadwipayana University, majoring in economic and he holds professional insurance qualifications, Ahli Pialang Asuransi dan Reasuransi Indonesia (APAI) and Certified Indonesian Insurance & Reinsurance Broker (CIIB).

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