Livestock insurance

Animals are expensive, unpredictable assets. Howden brokers are able to offer farm and ranch owners cost-effective, well-considered solutions to the problem you all share: how do you make sure your investment in livestock is a safe one? 

We offer risk management advice for ranches and farms of all sizes. Not only do we source competitive insurance, but we can also help you improve your processes based on the latest risk insights within the agriculture industry.   

Howden key policy highlights

  • Automatic coverage for any new animals you acquire
  • Reasonable deductible – because claiming shouldn’t be a financial burden in itself

What does the insurance cover? 

  • Fire and Lightning cover
  • Broad Water damage
  • Natural perils including Typhoon, Flood, Earthquake, Storm, Tidal Wave, Tsunami
  • Covers animals in transit, including loading and unloading accidents  
  • Sudden and accidental collision causing death
Who is the cover with?

Howden secures cover with AA-rated insurers with deep expertise in agricultural insurance. These insurers may be in local markets and the specialty markets of Lloyds of London in the UK. All the insurers we use are well respected, have extremely stable finances and will be viable long term. 

What happens in a claim?

Let us know the details and we will help you present your claim to the insurance company. 

Our claims advisory service is second to none. 

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