Group Life & Pensions

Modern, pro-employee companies know that good people expect more. If you are committed to keeping your best talent, getting value for money on Group Life Insurance is a step in the right direction.

Howden consultants specialise in tailoring insurance to your exact needs. You can access Group Life as a standalone insurance, or as a part of a broader employee benefits package. 

We can offer you Life insurance that includes: 

  • Accidental Death Benefit 
  • Critical Illness Benefit 
  • Total Permanent Disability Benefit
  • Burial Benefit 
  • Terminal Illness Benefit 
  • Hospitalisation Income Benefit
  • Medical Reimbursement 

We also offer: 

Premium refunds

The better Group Life policies offer a premium refund if you meet a certain utilisation ratio (going a specified amount of time without a claim). 

High No Evidence Limits (NEL)

We help you avoid the need to meet frequent updates in medical underwriting requirements: Our basis for negotiation will be the highest sum insured plus 10% for salary increase/adjustment within the year. 

Who is the cover with?

We secure cover with AA-rated insurers with experience and expertise in the specialist area of life insurance. These insurers may be in local markets and the specialty markets of Lloyds of London in the UK. All the insurers we use are well respected, have extremely stable finances and will be viable long term. 

Dedicated service and ongoing support

At Howden, we pride ourselves on our insightful consultancy and aftercare support. The support your people will get with us in unrivalled.   

Swift claims settlement with our own in-house claims department 

Expediting claims in a huge part of the broker’s role: we build in speedy claims resolution from the design phase, to save time and stress when it matters most. 

Utilisation analysis – to keep your benefits useful and used

As well as providing care, we use doctors to conduct research and analysis into your staff’s use of the benefits. By studying trends around the take-up and usage of benefits, we can help fine-tune your package – and improve the wellbeing of your team.

Communicating your offering

As with all employee benefits policies, buying wellbeing and not communicating properly, is wasteful. We are on hand to assist and help you maximise the benefit.  

Helping HR save time and minimising admin 

We become an additional resource you can count on – we make sure enrolment and document processing is not a burden to you.
We conduct policy reviews, monitor renewals, and facilitate enrolment, deletion and billings. 

Benchmark against your competition 

Compare your offering against other companies within your industry. 

Our own contact centre

We’re ready to take calls and support 24/7. 

Always on your side…especially in a claim.

Our in-house claims specialists are ready to support, advise and defend your interests.  Our expertise, footprint in the market and solid relationships with insurers means we can arrange tailored insurance at the right price for you.  

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