Fine Art insurance

Fine Arts is a unique business that requires a high level of expertise to manage the risk. Howden have deep experience creating bespoke insurance for galleries, museums, collectors, auction houses, dealers, universities and financial institutions, locally and internationally. 

Our specialist Fine Art insurance consultants can arrange comprehensive protection for all manner of collectibles and media including paintings, sculptures and antiques. We have access to specialist Fine Art underwriters, meaning we can offer more than US$2 billion of capacity on any one risk. Art policies are completely bespoke - how the policy pays out is up to you. Please call us to discuss. 

We represent the full spectrum of fine art organisations 

  • Private collections
  • Collections belonging to universities, libraries, and state-owned or private institutions
  • Dealers; including coin and stamp dealers
  • Museums
  • Exhibitions
  • Auction houses
  • Shippers and packers
  • Storage facilities including wine storage
  • Fine art appraisers
  • High-value homes
  • Private jewellery
  • All forms of collectables including classic and high-value cars
  • Lenders Single Interest.

We have a strong track record of negotiating and settling large and complex claims. 

We endeavour to make the claims process as smooth as possible for everyone.

Quick claims resolution can be prepared for in advance. At Howden, claims specialists are built into the entire process. Planning the claims process from policy design and inception is crucial for high value, complicated claims. 

Policy highlights 

Comprehensive cover

  • Worldwide All Risks (cover for loss or damage to the collection with no territorial limits)
  • Fire and Lightning cover
  • Broad Water damage
  • Theft 
  • Vandalism
  • Extremes of temperature or humidity
  • Explosion, smoke, aircraft and vehicular impact
  • Spontaneous combustion
  • Other natural perils such as typhoon, flood, earthquake, storm, tidal wave, tsunami.

Worldwide in transit protection 

Cover for loss or damage to the collection with no territorial limits

Automatic cover for new purchases

Our policies automatically give cover for up to an additional 25% of the insured collection's total to give the policyholder the freedom to add to their collection as and when they wish. 

Reasonable deductibles

The financial risks in the fine art business can be huge: that shouldn’t mean the costs of claiming should be prohibitive. We work with insurers to keep things fair and sensible. 

Risk management advice and support

With global experience working with all manner of art businesses, we are well placed to offer practical risk advice, based on claims trends and up-to-the-minute insights. 

Resolving claims quickly and effectively is central to everything we do.

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