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Why choose Howden? 

We understand the strategic importance of insuring your car fleet, as it represents a significant portion of your P&L budget. While car insurance is mandatory, very few insurers are willing to cover this risk, potentially jeopardizing your business or affecting profitability. In response to these challenges, we've crafted a tailor-made insurance contract to address all your constraints with our HRA product.

With our specialized HRA product for short, medium, and long-term car rental companies, we bring you visibility and peace of mind with each renewal, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our Expertise

  • 27 years of satisfied HRA product clients
  • 90 rental companies impressed by our product
  • 98.5% customer satisfaction

Who We Work With Over the years, we've built a strong partnership with SOGESSUR, the insurance subsidiary of SOCIETE GENERALE. Given the risk intensity in your sector, particularly severe bodily injury accidents, we've established a mutual agreement that ensures your long-term security.


We cover exceptional risks that could threaten your operations, including bodily injury accidents, fires (on-site and elsewhere), and all natural disasters (storms, hurricanes, floods, hail, and more).

The basic coverage package includes:

  • Liability insurance
  • Advance recourse
  • Fire and explosions
  • Natural events
  • Natural disasters
  • Vehicles transported on trucks
  • Individual driver protection

All-risk and theft coverage options are available, with four deductible levels to choose from based on your vehicle's value. The higher the deductible, the more cost-effective the All-risk and Theft option becomes. These options are particularly valuable for customizing insurance packages for your LLD prospects.


We ensure risk sharing for bodily injuries and natural events to protect you from exorbitant rate hikes by insurers in the event of a serious incident.

We optimize and personalize your rates through:

  • A revenue-based rate unique to each rental company, varying based on the quality of your own risk.
  • The creation of a deductible account per rental company, consumed by your own frequency of responsible accidents.
  • Protecting your cash flow by offering monthly billing that aligns with your revenue's seasonality.
  • Adjusting your rates every 6 months based on your frequency of responsible accidents involving third parties, giving you control over your risk and insurance costs.
  • Streamlining your daily insurance management with an online Extranet available 24/7, allowing you to manage your fleet, billing, and claims efficiently.


Photo of Étienne  de Font-Réaulx


Étienne de Font-Réaulx

Automobile Department Director
Photo of Étienne  de Font-Réaulx

Étienne de Font-Réaulx

Automobile Department Director

Étienne, an ESC Grenoble graduate, began his career at AXA as a Senior Liability Underwriter for Key Accounts for 3 years. In 2011, he joined Théorème as a Client Manager, specializing in major automotive accounts, before becoming the Director of the Automobile Department (Production, Claims, Technical) in 2015.

Today, Étienne holds the position of Director of the Automobile Fleet specialty at Howden France.