Building a Sustainable Company

We are here to build a company that will outlive us, a legacy, and a business where we feel valued and protected.

We firmly believe that to truly benefit our employees and clients, we must think long-term. Quick wins and short-term solutions have limited impact - it is by looking towards the future that we will build a lasting company.

Our vision extends beyond our own future. As a part of the insurance industry, we recognize its potential to contribute to a cleaner, fairer, and safer world. As a group, we strive to be a sustainable company through responsible hiring, impactful work, and mindful practices to reduce our environmental footprint.

Changing the Discourse on Insurance

Insurance can and must be part of the solution to the societal and environmental challenges we face. Our focus is on creating new insurance products to drive the industry forward. Our innovations are designed to aid the most vulnerable, promote the use of renewable energies, and facilitate economic growth.

Giving Back to Society

As a company, our actions and attitudes have a profound impact. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) encourages all our employees to engage with their local communities. Additionally, we have begun measuring our global environmental and social impact to make improvements wherever possible.

Setting the Standard

At Howden, we aspire to be a company we can all take pride in. This means ensuring that our culture, actions, and policies align with  our values, creating an environment where everyone can thrive.