Aquaculture insurance

Aquaculture fish

Why choose Howden for your aquaculture insurance?

  • Customised risks management: tailor-made offers to meet your specific needs, thanks to our product Aquasecure
  • Specialist: an in-depth understanding of aquaculture stakes for optimum protection
  • Full range: comprehensive cover including illness, weather-related events and more
  • Strong relationships: long-term partnerships with major players in the sector
  • Valuable advice: expert consultants to reduce your risks and improve your aquaculture operations
  • Simplifying the complexities: We manage the complicated matter so you can focus on your business.
  • Global solutions: a worldwide presence to support you wherever you are


What is aquaculture insurance?

Essential Protection: Fish farming can be exposed to various risks, from weather disturbances to sudden illnesses and mechanical problems. Our role at Howden is to give you the peace of mind to deal with the unexpected. With our in-depth understanding of the aquaculture industry, we have developed insurance solutions that protect your investment and your future. Discover AquaSecure, your contract of trust.

Why is it important, and who needs It?

Every aquaculture business is unique, with its own challenges and vulnerabilities. We help you identify the risks specific to your business and design customized insurance programs to cover your precise needs.

What does aquaculture insurance cover?

  • Stock mortality (onshore and offshore) 
  • Floating equipment 
  • Towing of cages  
  • Transport of animals 
  • Mortality in hatcheries and broodstock
  • Diseases
  • Pollution
  • Climatic events, phytoplankton bloom,
  • Mechanical or electrical failures
  • Theft
  • Vandalism



Claire Lasserre, Business Development Director