Energy & Natural Resources


Why choose Howden for energy insurance?

  • Specialized Expertise: We are here to address your unique energy insurance needs.
  • Local Connections, Global Reach: We have acquired well-established local brokers like Théorème, CRF, and Seasecure to enhance our service and complement our HowdenOne network.
  • Focus on Hydrogen: We are pioneers in hydrogen expertise as the only broker affiliated with France Hydrogène.
  • Unique Hydrogen Project Coverage: In collaboration with AXA, AGCS, HDI, and Scor, we are developing an exclusive insurance policy for hydrogen developers, covering both construction and operation.
  • Market-Tailored Solutions: Collaborating with leading international insurers to build a product that meets the market's specific needs.

What is energy & natural resources insurance?

Howden's mission is to become a leader in corporate risk brokerage in France, especially in the energy specialty. For instance, Howden is a member of France Hydrogène and supports both energy providers and independent developers in their insurance needs. Given the distinct nature of each hydrogen production unit, risk management related to hydrogen becomes crucial in designing insurance coverage.

Choose Howden for its strong technical expertise, experience, and relevance in addressing the specific challenges faced by energy clients.

Why is it Important and Who Needs It?

For example, hydrogen developers seeking financing from investors require a robust insurance program. This insurance plays a vital role in instilling confidence in potential investors. The purpose of "Energy & Natural Resources" insurance is to provide comprehensive protection against the inherent risks of hydrogen projects, enabling developers to attract the necessary funds to bring their innovative projects to life. Choose Howden to enhance the financial support for your hydrogen project with reliable insurance coverage, and the same goes for energy projects in a broader sense (solar, wind, biomass, Oil & Gas, hydropower, nuclear).

What does energy insurance cover?

  • Damage
  • Liability
  • Environmental Liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Well Control
  • Hull and Machinery Insurance

Who do we work with? 

  •  EDF, HDF, Engie, RTE
  • Capacity Providers: AXA, Allianz Trade, AGCS, Scor, HDI
  • Testimonials and/or Reviews if available, otherwise available upon request (AXA France, France Hydrogen CEO Phillipe Boucly from September 2023)

Additional Benefits of Howden's Service

Choosing Howden provides you access to our engineering expertise, tailored advice, meticulous assessments, and efficient project management to ensure the success of your projects:

  • Engineering
  • Consultation
  • Audit/Due Diligence
  • Project Management


Caroline Haquet, Natural Resources Energy Line Director