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Why choose Howden for Cyber insurance?

We are a global collective of over 100 cyber experts who support clients of all sizes, in all territories, and across all business sectors. Cyber is a threat that knows no borders, so you need an agile, experienced, and truly international partner. At Howden, it's in our DNA to push the boundaries. Our global cyber specialists work as one, pooling their collective talents, creativity, and expertise to build robust risk-management strategies and deliver world-class service for every client.

  • Award-winning: 2020 Cyber Risk Awards Winner

  • Specialist experts: over 100 dedicated cyber experts across the globe

  • Experienced claims team: 30+ Legal, Technical & Claims experts

What is Cyber insurance?

Cyber Insurance, also known as cybersecurity or cyber liability insurance, shields your business from unlawful attacks aimed at accessing your organization's data or disrupting its operations for criminal, espionage, political, or malicious purposes.

Why is it important?

No matter how robust your IT security protocols may be, they cannot prevent human error; all it takes is one mistake.

As businesses increasingly rely on technology to achieve their core objectives, the risk of financial loss, data compromise, or technology failure due to accidental or malicious interference has never been greater. That's why, to stay in the digital age, insurance has adapted to address what has quickly become the primary concern for most businesses worldwide: their cyber risk.

Business leaders without a well-thought-out cyber protection strategy are essentially gambling with the funds they've worked so hard to develop their business or, depending on their cash reserves, even their very survival.

What does Cyber insurance cover?

Cyber events can disrupt organizations of all sizes across all industries, causing reputational damage, operational downtime, financial loss, and legal action. A solid Cybersecurity policy is designed to minimize and mitigate these risks, typically covering:

  • Incident response support to include IT forensics, Legal, and PR services. 
  • Business interruption cover, providing protection for income
  • Digital and data asset loss, including the cost of repair, restoration or replacement
  • Information Security and Privacy Liability
  • Cyberterrorism and extortion 
  • Cyber Crime cover to help you recover lost funds from financially motivated attacks such as funds transfer fraud
  • Multimedia Liability (Defamation/IP Infringement)
  • Defense costs, civil fines, and penalties, where insurable by law

Who do we work with?

We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ insurance cover. Your business is unique, and your policy should be, too. By creating a bespoke policy, we create comprehensive financial protection combined with competitive premiums.

  • For businesses of any size or industry.


An insurance policy is only a promise. It is at the time of a claim that a broker stands out and proves to be your best ally in defending your interests. Our dedicated team specialising in insurance law will guide you through the process of presenting your claim, challenging the insurers' position, and assisting you right through to compensation.


Photo of Didier  Arminjon


Didier Arminjon

Managing Director of Howden Financial Lines
Photo of Didier  Arminjon

Didier Arminjon

Managing Director of Howden Financial Lines

Didier, the CEO of CRF Assurances, brings over 12 years of managerial experience in Financial Risks with Chubb Insurance Company of Europe, both in France and Southern Europe. He later joined AIG Europe Limited France in 2004, leading the Financial Risks department and subsequently taking charge of the SME-Enterprise Risks segment. Eventually, he became the Executive Director of AIG France, overseeing Personal & Small Business Risks.

In 2012, he assumed the role of CEO at RSA France (Royal Sun Alliance France), and in 2014, ventured into entrepreneurship, contributing to the acquisition of CRF Assurances. After an exciting 7 years, Didier now continues his career as the Managing Director of Howden Financial Lines within Howden France.