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Why choose Howden?

In a complex economic environment with significant social security costs and reduced compulsory pensions, Howden helps you choose the best pension and employee savings schemes for your directors and their employees.

The Company Savings Plan

The short-term savings package is designed to optimize your employees' earnings
There are many advantages to employee savings plans:

  • They provide a tool to motivate and retain employees
  • They help to optimize the effectiveness of the remuneration package
  • They help you to benefit from a favorable tax framework
  • You will share part of the company's profits

Whatever the size of your company, we have a plan for you. We can assist you with transferring and/or setting up a company savings plan (with matching contributions), a profit-sharing agreement, or a shareholding agreement.

Demand the best in service and investment in employee savings.

The Pension Savings Plan

Give your employees the flexibility and high performance of the company pension savings plan (PER in the French acronym)

As a result of the reform of pension savings plans provided for in France’s PACTE law (Plan d'Action pour la Croissance des Entreprises - Action Plan for Business Growth), new company pension savings products are now available.


  • 110 billion in employee savings

  • 11 million employee savings accounts

Projection figures

You are employed and receive a salary of €2,000 when you retire.

  • Your pension will be: From €1,500 in 2020 to €1,300 in 2050

You are an executive earning €4,500 when you retire.

  • Your pension will be: From €2,500 in 2020 to €1,800 in 2050

Taking out a supplementary pension policy as a life annuity or lump sum (in certain cases) is an option favored by the State in the context of the current reform.

These new schemes benefit from a favorable fiscal and social environment for the company and the employee.

You can also update your old supplementary pension schemes to benefit from the best market investments and reduce the social security charges applied to this type of policy.

The new regulations also allow directors to benefit from an exclusive and advantageous scheme to build up a substantial supplementary pension fund within a few years. Its financing by the company is deductible from corporate tax.

If you need a clearer understanding and want to assess your options, contact our team of experts for step-by-step support.


Photo of Julie Jalladaud


Julie Jalladaud

Director of Social Protection Department
Photo of Julie Jalladaud

Julie Jalladaud

Director of Social Protection Department

With a Master's in Insurance Management, she expertly guides clients in managing their social protection programs strategically and socially, while adhering to set objectives and legal requirements.

With years of experience, Julie has advised numerous groups across diverse industries, delivering tailored expertise to tackle legal, economic, and social challenges through data-driven decision support solutions.