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Welcome to our medical brokerage firm, where we offer a comprehensive range of carefully tailored products and services to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals and medical-social establishments worldwide. Our ethics are built on trust, integrity, and confidentiality - the pillars that guide our daily operations.

Our Expertise At Howden, a team of dedicated medical liability insurance brokers, meticulously identify and select optimal insurance policies that meet your needs. By leveraging our extensive network encompassing insurance companies specializing in the medical field, we present you with a selection of premium proposals.

Every aspect matters to us. From coverage options to rates and terms, we aim to provide unparalleled protection. With our in-depth knowledge of the medical sector, we offer consultative advice on insurance solutions tailored to your situation, taking into account the specific vulnerabilities you face.

Place your trust in our committed team to safeguard your healthcare practice.

Who we work with

  • University Hospitals
  • Hospitals
  • Public Mental Health Institutions
  • Medical Rehabilitation Centers
  • Home Hospitalization
  • Public Nursing Homes
  • Private Clinic Groups
  • Private Autonomous Establishments (Etablissement autonome privé)
  • Social Welfare Mutuals
  • Mutual Structures
  • Laboratories
  • Radiotherapy Centers


  • Medical Liability Insurance for Healthcare Facilities
  • Institutional and Healthcare Personnel Liability
  • Operational Liability
  • Employer's Gross Negligence
  • Property Damage Insurance
  • Fire, Electrical Damage, Theft, Glass Breakage, Machinery Breakdown, Weather Events...
  • Financial Losses
  • Legal Protection
  • Insurance for Research Involving Human Subjects


"Medical Liability" insurance covers the financial consequences of any claim involving the civil liability of your healthcare facility for damages (bodily, material, consequential immaterial, non-consequential immaterial, to entrusted objects) caused to patients and their next of kin.

  • Claims Handling Service
  • Unique Management Tool: Centralization of premium and contract tracking documents, and online claims reporting
  • Expertise in Research Involving Human Subjects (with worldwide access)


An insurance policy is only a promise. It is at the time of a claim that a broker stands out and proves to be your best ally in defending your interests. Our dedicated team specialising in insurance law will guide you through the process of presenting your claim, challenging the insurers' position, and assisting you right through to compensation.


Camille Rougé, Director of the Medical and Health Sector