Howden arranges tailored insurance packages for film production companies, advertising agencies, TV channels and investors. 

Our media industries specialists are able design “all risks” cover to protect against a wide variety of risks all under one cost-effective policy (or choose the specific elements that meet your needs)

The building blocks of an All Risks media policy
  1. Annual or project-based cover
    Coverage can be for the full year or set up to run throughout pre-production, production and post-production. 

    For specific events, cover can start and end from any date, to cover setup, assembly and dismantling.
  2. Cancellation of productions and events
    When circumstances beyond your control cause the production, show or event to be cancelled, interrupted or postponed. This insurance is there to help you recoup the cost outlay.  

  3. Non-appearance
    If someone crucial to the project is unable to take part, for example through sustaining an injury or even death, non-appearance insurance covers for the additional costs associated with finding and using a replacement.

    Examples of named individuals you might wish to cover: directors, producers, main cast, performers, presenters etc.

    Non-appearance of the key person for the project which without these key persons the companies either need to incur additional costs for replacement.

  4. Liability cover
    There is always the chance a third party will bring a claim against you.

    Liability insurance protects against claims for bodily injury or property damage (entrusted properties and third-party properties)

    Liability coverage that includes liability towards third parties for bodily injury or property damage, liability towards entrusted properties, liability to property of third parties that the companies occupied for the purpose of the project.

  5. Loss or damage to equipment, props, sets, costume etc.  
    First party property damage, or loss or theft.

    It’s important to assess the coverage limits for equipment and creative outputs such as sets and costume - you can find you are underinsured and the amount you get back is insufficient to reimburse you.

  6. Inclement weather cover
    Recoup financial losses due to extreme weather conditions.

    In scenarios where the weather could affect your project, build in weather coverage with pre-agreed definitions of the types and severity of weather that would make problems in your project.

  7. Group personal accident for cast and crew
    Protect the financial wellbeing of your cast and crew and their families by providing personal accident insurance.

    Group personal accident covers:

  • Temporary or permanent disablement (if they are off work, or cannot work again)
  • Medical costs

Additional added-value services
  • Policy briefing
  • Claims management/ communication
  • Training/ risk awareness program

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