Clinical Trials Liability

Even the most well prepared, perfectly executed study can have serious consequences. Clinical Trials Liability insurance protects researchers and subjects alike, for both negligent and no-fault harm. It covers both legal defence costs and compensation pay-outs.

Getting the insurance right is an important step in the risk management of a medical trial. Our specialist medical insurance consultants will help you mitigate your risk, in the most cost-effective way possible. By planning for a claim scenario from the outset, we ensure all the crucial risk thinking is in place before the trial proceeds. 

Policy Highlights

Protection at all levels

Everyone involved in conducting the trial is covered – from Research Associates to study sponsors.

Negligent harm cover

Legal expenses, plus any compensation pay-out to trial participants.

Non-negligent (no-fault) cover 

If a participant has been harmed or injured as a direct result of the study, they can claim on your insurance. 

Competitive pricing

Get affordable cover, from a trusted insurer, that's tailored to suit the needs of your trial.

Risk management advice 

We'll review the trial as part of the quote process, offering risk management advice based on our claims insights. 

Who is the cover with?

Howden secures cover with AA-rated insurers with experience and expertise in the specialist area of medical trials. These insurers may be in local markets and the specialty markets of Lloyds of London in the UK. All the insurers we use are well respected, have extremely stable finances and will be viable long term. 

As part of the Howden Group, we are able to use we use our global buying power to arrange quality insurance at a cost-effective price.

Supportive, independent experts  

When it comes to running clinical trials, solid insurance is the only ethical way forward. Things can go wrong, even if you did everything right.  That's why it’s important to your trial subjects and your colleagues to have the cover arranged by an independent expert: when things go wrong, you're ready for it. 

We're always here to help

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