Instapol: hassle-free car insurance for our clients' employees

As an added benefit of your relationship with Howden, we are able to offer your employees preferential rates on car insurance through our exclusive price comparison tool.

At the moment, we are only able to offer this service to the employees of clients we have an existing business relationship with. But for every business insurance or Takaful client, old or new, we are delighted to bring you Instapol.  

Since the liberalisation of Motor insurance in 2017, premiums rates are determined by a variety of risk factors, which means, more than ever, a broker can help you get value for money.

We do not represent insurers or Takaful operators, we work for you, tailoring cover to suit your needs, no-one else’s.  

When you need to claim, we provide claims management support, help you make sure the payment comes through quickly, to get you back on the road.

How Instapol works

With Instapol, it has never been quicker or easier to compare and buy insurance.  All people need to do is answer is three simple questions:

Instapol initial screen where customers enter details


The next step is simply confirming the right details are registered for the car (details are taken directly from the Malaysian Road Transport Department database).

After that, we are able to offer tailored insurance quotes in an instant. 


Confirming the details of the car to be insured

Most “comparison” sites don’t actually compare the insurance, they merely show you what deals are available. Instapol actually lets you see the various terms and benefits side by side, in an easy to compare grid format.  

Easy-to-understand table format for direct comparison
Easy to understand table format makes lets you compare deals like-for-like


We are currently the only fully licensed "quote and buy" tool in Malaysia, where you can compare and actually buy online using the same website. 

Add to that, we can offer your people preferential rates and claims support - all at no cost to your business. 

Take the hassle out of insurance with Instapol. Your employees will thank you for it.

Want Instapol?

Clients old and new can give their employees Instapol access

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