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What would a thorough analysis of your employee benefits insurance programme reveal? Do people use them? Does the business see a positive effect? Is it worth another look, to see if you could get more out of it? 

Howden can support your aspirations for a healthy, happy and productive workforce with a customised employee benefits and wellbeing plan. We design your employee benefits into one cohesive offering that supports your workplace culture (or the culture you aspire to). The focus is on building real value for your workforce and business alike. So everybody wins. 

What we do for you
  1. Carefully consider what’s right for your business, your people and your budget
  2. Research the market, dig into the detail and deliver what you need, when and how you need it 
  3. Help you avoid expensive mistakes 
  4. Closely align the benefits with your company culture and recruitment and retention efforts 
  5. Guide you through legislative and regulatory complexities
  6. Think beyond the usual solutions, focussing on your desired outcomes
  7. Communicate with your employees and help you bring your benefits to life
  8. Provide you with market-leading technology, so you’re in control of the data

There are many more options available, we can design programmes bespoke to your needs. We benchmark against competitors in your sector, supporting you in building a workplace you can be proud of. 

If you already have an employee benefits package, why switch?

Many employee benefits offerings are inherited from a previous HR manager. Decisions on why the packages were set up that way are long forgotten. Bringing in a fresh pair of eyes, with deep experience and up-to-the-minute market knowledge can make a big difference to the value you can provide for your people. 

Using claims analytics to solve business problems

We can help you introduce initiatives to improve the health of your workforce and reduce the root causes of claims. For example, deep claims analytics could reveal a lot of your claims relate back to stress. We can help you review the situation and find solutions, helping cut unnecessary stress to improve productivity and wellbeing at the same time.    

Speak to us about how other companies are using these insights. 

Communication is key – if employees don’t know, there’s no benefit to anyone

Is your team communicating the benefits offering well? In terms of attracting and retaining staff, communication is crucial – and frequently overlooked.

You cannot simply buy the employee benefits insurance and assume your work is done. 

We are happy to run workshops and provide bespoke handbooks, even training your recruiters and hiring managers to ‘sell’ your company to prospective employees. 

More peace, less premium

The emphasis is always on quality rather than price – never cutting corners, always buying smart. The last thing we’d want to do a deal that’s cheap but has nasty surprises for your people when they try to claim.

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