Motor insurance

When cars are a passion, insurance needs specialist attention. Whether you’re driving an SUV to work, taking an old classic out for the weekend or adding the latest supercar to your collection, we’ll build you a package that’s sensitive to the needs of high net worth clients. 

We have arrangements to in place to get you cost-effective coverage through a wide range of reputable insurers. When you need to claim, we provide claims management support, help you make sure the payment comes through quickly, to get you back on the road. 

Since the liberalisation of Motor insurance in 2017, premiums rates are determined by a variety of risk factors, which means, more than ever, a broker can help you get value for money.

We do not represent insurers or Takaful operators, we work for you, tailoring cover to suit your needs, no-one else’s.

We arrange insurance for:
  • High-value motor cars
  • High-performance motor cars
  • Classic and vintage cars
  • Family fleet
  • Specialist / Non-standard motor cars.


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Policy highlights

Comprehensive cover
  • Own Damage (first-party cover)
  • Theft 
  • Acts of Nature 
  • Riot 
  • Strike 
  • and Civil Commotion.

Locked-in sum insured (Agreed value) 

We can agree how much your car is worth and cover it for that amount, rather than getting a smaller payout subject to market depreciation. (We do also offer the option to insure vehicles on a market value basis if that is your preference). 

Reasonable deductibles 

We believe prohibitive deductibles that prohibit claiming are against the very spirit of insurance – claiming should be financially accessible for all. 

Your broker, as ever, works for you

We are always on your side, whether you are buying insurance or claiming on it. 

Our advice helps you avoid getting caught out by technicalities, such as misinterpreting the real intent of the policy's terms and conditions. 

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Most “comparison” sites don’t actually compare the insurance, they merely show you what deals are available

instaPol actually lets you see the various terms and benefits side by side, in an easy to compare grid format.

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Also available as Takaful

All of our risk management solutions are available as Shari'ah compliant Takaful.
Speak to our specialist Takaful consultants today.

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