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A good broker helps you with more than cheap insurance for cars, commercial and heavy goods vehicles. Howden consultants also advise on risk management, helping you reduce your total cost of doing business. 

We have arrangements in place to bring you cost-effective coverage through a wide range of reputable insurers. When you need to claim, we provide claims management support, helping you make sure the payment comes through quickly, to keep your business on track. 

Policy highlights

Comprehensive cover

  • Own Damage (first-party cover)
  • Theft 
  • Acts of Nature 
  • Riot 
  • Strike 
  • and Civil Commotion.

Locked-in sum insured (Agreed value) 
The sum insured for each vehicle can be agreed upfront, so you can replace like-for-like quickly, instead of being paid the current market average value, which may be subject to depreciation. 

Reasonable deductibles 
We believe high deductibles that prohibit claiming are against the very spirit of insurance – claiming should be financially accessible for all. 

Third-Party Liability
We can provide the government-mandated third-party cover at a good price, especially when bought together with the first-party cover.

Popular add-ons

We’ll set up the cover so it’s right for you. Choose from a range of additional options for better peace of mind. 

Medical expenses 
Covers hospital expense and medical bills as a consequence of a car accident. 

Personal accident insurance 
Pays you or your family in the event of a partial, or permanent disability as a result of the car accident. 

Loss of Use
Coverage for additional expenses when your car is off the road, subject to terms and conditions. 

Funeral / burial costs 
To take some financial pressure off your employees' families if the worst happens. 

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance Program 
No matter where you are, we’ll help you get home (for private cars only).

Risk management support

We find out where your latent risks are, and work with you to mitigate them.

Risk surveys and recommendations
Howden consultants will conduct a risk survey, analyse the results and report back with personalised recommendations.  

Defensive Driving Seminars
Teaching techniques for evasive driving, for example in scenarios such as ambush and hijack.  

Always on your side

Your broker, as ever, works for you. We are always on your side, whether you are buying insurance or claiming on it. 

Our advice helps you avoid getting caught out by technicalities, such as misinterpreting the real intent of the policies terms and conditions. 

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Also available as Takaful

All of our risk management solutions are available as Shari'ah compliant Takaful.
Speak to our specialist Takaful consultants today.

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