Shipyard & Builders' Risk 

Shipyard and Marine Builders' Risk covers your operation all the way from starting construction to final delivery to the customer. Howden consultants take the time to get to know individual businesses and help you manage the risk every step of the way.

The Howden Specialty Team has the market knowledge, relationships and broking expertise to cover any marine risk, regardless of size or complexity.

Policy options

  • Shipyard and building risks
  • Construction risk
  • Ship repairers’ liability 
  • Worldwide delay in start-up
  • Bonds, including performance, refund and surety 
  • Political risks.

Policy coverage examples 

Insured risks as follows:

  • Damage or loss (total or constructive) during the period of building, trials and putting afloat
  • Pollution
  • Building defects
  • General Average and salvage of the vessel
  • Collision
  • expenses aimed at preventing, minimising of loss and assessment of the damage extent.

We believe that our role is more than just protecting our clients from risk. As your risk consultants, we exist to empower you to grow your business by removing risk obstacles - the emphasis is always on the quality of cover, ready to stand strong when you need it most. 

We're always here to help

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