Affinity & Membership Organisations

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You want better value for your members: we can help you get it.

Bespoke solutions vary, but the aim is always the same: increased member satisfaction, so everybody wins.  

In close collaboration with our clients, we develop insurance solutions that create member loyalty and provide added value.

Our clients in this area are some of the largest companies and professional interest organisations. Working together, we offer their customers and members a tailored insurance offering, which can be anything from private insurance such as cars, houses and contents to specially-developed insurance products. 

Associations can improve their revenue streams with an insurance programme tailored to members’ precise needs.

Our services include:

  • Helping revamp your member/customer benefits offer with insurance 
  • Insurance policy design with tailored wordings
  • Claims advocacy 
  • Risk management advice
  • Communications (branding, marketing to your members etc.)

Whether it's guidance on the best approach for launching a new member insurance service - or looking to improve one already on offer - we have the expertise to hand.

We can offer your members discounted access to a whole range of insurance and risk solutions.

Flexible, impartial, proven.

As an independent broker, we are not tied to a particular product or approach.

We are entirely free to work with the most appropriate insurers for each particular client. That freedom enhances our capacity to define, deliver and continuously develop products and services that not only increase revenue streams for an organisation but also increase members’ connection to it.

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