Aviation insurance

For Airlines, General Aviation Operators, Airports, Manufacturers, Ground Service Providers (Ground/Cargo Handling, Line Maintenance, Catering), Fuel Suppliers and MROs, among others, the quality of your relationship with your Reinsurance Broker when purchasing Aviation Reinsurance can be the difference between massive exposures and protection that builds confidence throughout your business. 

Howden Re understands the nuances and complexities of Aviation Reinsurance, and because each risk profile is completely unique, we will tailor a policy to protect you exactly as you need it. 

Once we have conducted an initial analysis of the operational risk profile, we will carefully design a customized policy with tailored clauses around: 

  • All Risks Hull Coverage 
  • War Hull Coverage 
  • Aircraft Spares Coverage 
  • Aviation Civil Liability: bodily injury or property damage to third parties and passengers 
  • Premises, Products and Hangars Liability 
  • Personal Accident and Loss of License Coverage (as applicable) 

Our specialized Aviation team will walk you through the entire process, from the identification of operational risks, to the successful development of a tailor-made and comprehensive solution that provides maximum peace of mind at a competitive price.

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