Death, Disgrace & Disablement

At Howden, claims management is based on the integration of our local and London teams, so that we have the expert knowledge of the Colombian market and the relationship with the English market.  

Particularly, our value proposition is focused on two pillars:

The prompt attention and recovery of claims framed in advice and technical expertise, as well as the design of strategies in the presentation and obtaining of payment in complex claims. Our team has professionals who have handled highly complex claims, which gives us a great deal of experience in handling claims for specialized risks. 

The claims department is a central part of our company. Our goal is to provide a proactive and knowledgeable service that supports our clients throughout the claims process and leads them to the best possible outcome.  

Our claims team works hand in hand with the Account Managers, Brokers and Technical teams, ensuring effective communication between everyone involved in each account to provide timely input on issues such as clause drafting, market selection, etc. 

Finally, it seems valuable to highlight the importance we give to the handling of claims, processing the collections resulting from indemnities and other concepts of these cases within the terms established in the market, trying to minimize the time and procedures required for the fulfillment of these.

There for you when you need us

Call us on  (+57) 60 1 6075500 / (+57) 60 1 443 0140 or drop us a quick message and we'll get back to you asap

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