State Business (Howden Proseguros)

We are experts in the contracting regime with National, Departmental and Municipal entities.

We advise our clients in the selection of the best insurance options and insurance companies, according to the requirements of the National, Departmental and Municipal entities. Our management in the follow-up of claims/claims before insurance companies guarantees the payment of the same in the shortest possible time.

Our seriousness, professionalism and level of service offered/delivered to the client set us apart. Our experience in risk management for public entities has allowed large national entities to select Howden Proseguros.


Especializados en contratación estatal

Specialized in government contracting

Especializados en temas legales

Specialized in legal issues

Experiencia de más de 45 años

More than 45 years of experience


  • Advice in the bidding of insurance companies.
  • Preparation of bidding documents.
  • Advice and accompaniment in the hearings and in the requests for clarifications presented by the different bidders.
  • Evaluation of proposals for insurance bids.
  • Advice on the observations presented by the bidders to the evaluation.
  • Advice on the awarding of the contract.
  • Market studies for the definition of insurance budgets.
  • Advice on the structuring of insurance programs.
  • Specialized handling of claims.
  • Insurance training
  • Risk Management and risk engineering and prevention.
  • Provision of specialized insurance software and computer assistance. 
  • Advice on updating asset values.
  • Follow-up of services offered by insurance companies.

Call us on  (+57) 60 1 6075500 / (+57) 60 1 443 0140 or drop us a quick message and we'll get back to you asap

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