As an insurer, your clients trust you to protect their homes, their families, and their livelihoods. But for even the most experienced underwriter, just one unexpectedly large claim can result in disaster.

Reinsurance helps you spread the risk, so you can support your clients without putting your business on the line.

At Howden Re, we offer our clients a tailor-made solution with a personal touch. Our reinsurance clients range from smaller Nordic underwriting agencies to some of the world’s largest multinational insurance companies.

Reinsurance can help protect you and your clients against large catastrophic losses. It can also help you grow your business by enabling you to offer more insurance policies, or insure larger risks. We tailor each policy to meet the needs of our client, working flexibly to find the best solutions for every case.

We offer both Treaty and Faculative Reinsurance in the following areas:

Treaty Reinsurance

Proportional and Non-Proportional Solutions

  • Motor
  • Property, including Construction All Risks
  • Liability and Personal Accident
  • Marine
  • Protection and Indemnity

Structured Reinsurance programmes

  • Solvency II relief
  • Adverse claims development
  • Balance sheet protection

Faculative Reinsurance
  • Property – from standard real estate to international airports
  • CAR – Complete project covers to stand alone DSU
  • Liability peak exposures
  • Marine – Standard Marine Cargo including Catastrophe exposures within automotive industry
  • Solvency II exposures
  • Captive Solutions
  • Carve outs on a peril or geography basis

Howden Re has international reach, combining our expertise in the local market with our connections across the world to bring our clients a world-class service.

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Stockholm: Howden Insurance Brokers AB, Linnégatan 2, SE-114 47. 
Tel: +46(8) 545 670 20
Managing Director: Marie Gustafsson
Deputy Managing Director: Kristoffer Haleen

Göteborg: Howden Insurance Brokers West AB, Fredsgatan 1, SE 411 07.
Tel: +46 (0)31 13 48 04
Managing Director: Per-Olof Persson

Malmö: Howden Insurance Brokers South AB, Södergatan 13, SE-211 34.
Tel: +46 (0)40 626 93 30
Managing Director: Kristoffer Haleen

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