Jewellers' Block insurance

In the jewellery, diamond, and precious metal trades, protecting your stock is vital.

Jewellers and other professionals in the industry are a visible target for thieves and fraudsters, who sell or trade stolen goods for a fraction of their true value. With comprehensive coverage, your stock and your customers’ prized possessions will be protected.

Our Jewellers’ Block insurance is designed for jewellers, auction houses, pawnshops, antiques dealers and art galleries. A burglary, theft, or accident that results in the loss of your stock can be hugely damaging to your bottom line, while the loss of your clients’ items can damage your reputation beyond repair. Our specialist policies cover your stock and your clients’ possessions while in your care.

The policy coverage includes:
  • Buildings, Contents and Stock
  • Transits and deliveries
  • Shipping via armored services, airfreight and couriers
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Fidelity guarantee (theft or fraud by employees)
  • Private jewellery

We also offer an online system through which you can manage your insurance, with real-time access and data entry to ease the administration process. Through this you can print insurance certificates, notify new claims, monitor the progress of existing claims, and share documentation with your broker and insurer at any time from any location.

Heists don’t just happen in the movies. Protect your reputation and your stock with Jewellers’ Block.

Protect your stock with Jewellers' Block

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