Howden Care Claims

Howden Care Claims

Have a claim with us? We’re here to help.

The quickest way to get assistance is by getting in touch with your Howden Care Case Manager. If you have received correspondence from us via email or post, the name of your Case Manager will be on the bottom of the email or letter. 

If you don’t know who your Case Manager is, you can get in touch with us in the following ways:

Frequently asked questions about claims

Howden Care partners with a number of employers in the ACC Accredited Employer Programme to manage the employers work injury claims. We may also manage claims for injuries that occurred outside of work for some employers. If you are injured at work your claim will be managed by us. If you are injured outside of work, you can choose to have your claim managed by us or ACC. We encourage you to talk to your Case Manager about your options. 

On behalf of your employer we can help pay for a range of medical, health and treatment costs. We can help pay for treatment if is appropriate for your condition, is a generally accepted form of treatment in NZ and given to you by a NZ registered and licensed provider.  An initial set of 6 treatments are pre-approved by your employer for GP, physiotherapy, chiropractor, osteopathy and acupuncture treatment.  If you require more than 6 treatments, or other types of treatment, your treatment provider will need to apply to us for approval.  

If you need specialist treatment and/or surgery you will need prior approval.  Your treatment provider will need to apply for this on your behalf.

Sometimes only part of the full cost of treatment can be paid on your claim and your treatment provider will ask you to pay the rest – this is called a surcharge. Your employer may cover the cost of some surcharges and you can be reimbursed for these by Howden Care. If you aren’t sure if your employer pays surcharges, talk to your Case Manager. 

We can pay for prescription costs related to your injury.  Please discuss with your Case Manager or send in your receipts for reimbursement.

You may request us to pay for Rongoā Māori as part of your rehabilitation. When you request access to Rongoā Māori, we can help get you set up to see the practitioner you have chosen.

The answer is it depends on where you injured yourself. 

NOTE: It is important that you let your Case Manager know if you are returning to work so they can make sure you are paid correctly. If you return to work without telling us you may be overpaid, and you will have to pay back any amount you received that you were not entitled to.  

Injured at work:

If your claim is accepted and you can’t work or perform all of your normal work duties because of the covered injury, your employer is responsible for paying up to 80% of your income as weekly compensation. If you return to work on partial hours or duties your employer will pay up to 100% of your income. This is known as abatement. 

This will be paid through your normal payroll. You will need to provide a medical certificate to show that you can’t perform all your usual work duties.

Howden Care will work with your payroll to calculate the amount of weekly compensation you are entitled to.

Injured outside of work:

If your claim has been accepted and you are not able to do your usual hours and duties at work because of the covered injury, you are entitled to weekly compensation. This will be paid to you by ACC and your Case Manager will set this up for you. 

Weekly compensation is paid at 80% of your normal wage. If you return to work on alternative duties you can receive up to 100% of your normal wage. Talk to your Case Manager for more information.

As part of your recovery from an injury it is beneficial for you to do some work and as many of your usual activities as you can. We will work with you, your manager and your treatment providers to develop a rehabilitation programme to help you recover and return to work safely and sustainably.

You can have a support person attend any meeting related to your injury with you. You can also give them your authority can act on your behalf.  Talk to you Case Manager if you need more information.


We are able to help with aids and equipment to help you get around more easily. This could be crutches, a wheelchair or a knee scooter.

You may be able to get help around your home with things that you would normally do. This includes home help and attendant care to help you recover.

You may also be able to get help to look after your children.  This includes childcare and transport for your children to day care/school and activities.

We can help organise and contribute towards transport costs like buses, trains or taxis. This includes help to get to and from work and treatment.

Your rights when receiving help from us

Code of claimants’ rights

When we are helping you after an injury we must follow the ACC Code of Claimants' Rights. Your rights are to:

•    be treated with dignity and respect
•    be treated fairly and to have your views considered
•    have your culture, values, and beliefs respected
•    have a support person or persons
•    communicate effectively
•    be fully informed
•    have your privacy respected
•    complain

Respecting your privacy

Your privacy is important to us, and we take our responsibilities seriously. You can download our privacy and information collection fact sheet and consent form below.

Click here to download the Howden Care Privacy and Consent Form

Something not right?

If you are not happy about our service or a decision we have made, please contact to us to sort out the problem. If you are still not happy you have the following options:

•    Make a complaint if you are not happy about the service you have received. You can send an email to [email protected] or a letter stating the reasons you are not happy and how you would like the issue to be resolved.

•    Ask for an independent review if it relates to a decision we have made on your claim. To do this you need to apply for a review in writing within three months from the date of our decision letter. If you’re unable to meet this timeline, please get in touch with us so we can talk about your options. You can complete a Review Application form (ask your Case Manager for one) or you can send us an email/letter stating the date of the decision and reasons you would like the decision reviewed. 

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For claims formally with Gallagher Bassett Injury Management please call 0508 333 999.

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