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People looking after people

At Howden Care we understand that injuries at work have an impact on your people and their families, as well as your business. We also know that getting a great outcome for everyone takes more than just following a process. 

Our industry-leading case management model is based on a whole person approach, and is delivered by highly competent Case Managers who are dedicated to your business. Our Case Managers thrive on working with people, and they are provided with the tools, support and training to deliver exceptional outcomes. 

Our approach is to partner with you in the management of your claims. We love getting to know your people, your culture and values, and how you get things done. You can expect open and easy communication, along with tailored solutions that meet your business needs, and insightful reporting that enables better decision making. 

Our service includes

  • End to end management of work injury claims, from day one until full recovery
  • Reporting to ACC on your behalf
  • ACC AEP Audit preparation and attendance
  • Representing you at review hearings
  • Provider Med Fees payments on your behalf
  • Access to online reporting Client Dashboard
  • Weekly reporting and claim reviews with your Case Manager
  • Weekly compensation support 

Why partner with Howden Care?


We are experts with an average of 20 years employee health and claims management experience – we are passionate, innovative and solution focused  who work closely with our clients to deliver results. 


Our tailored health and injury management programs are able to grow with your business – we deliver a single service to a full people risk offering based on your needs now,  and as these change into the future. 


We help you understand your risk profile, work out what you already do well, and where there may be opportunities for improvement in managing your people risk. 


Our services are driven by an industry-leading data intelligence and analytics platform – with the ability to demonstrate identify insights into your injury and illness trends. You will be able to prevent future claims, effectively track interventions and highlight return on investment. 

Benefits to your business

The benefits of our unique approach to injury management are: 

  • Quicker return to work, reduced claims costs, and increased productivity for employers 
  • Simple and easy access to information and technical expertise
  • Improved injured worker satisfaction with fast, effective communication, payments and decisions 
  • Insightful reporting to focus on areas that could be improved with injury prevention initiatives 
  • Better outcomes for you and your employees when they need support 

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