ACC Non-work Claims Management

Injuries don’t just happen at work

So how do you ensure that your people get the same kind of support for injuries that occur at home or on the sports field, as they do for a work place injury?  

Having Howden Care manage non-work ACC claims for your people gives you this certainty. Our approach to managing non-work claims is the same as our approach to work injuries, with an emphasis is on people looking after people, no matter where your people injured themselves. 

Our unique model of case management is based on a whole person approach, and is delivered by our highly skilled Case Managers who are dedicated to your business and work as part of the wider service team. This means that the Case Manager gets to know your business and your people, and that the injured employee has a better experience during their recovery.  

When it comes to getting back to work, our Case Manager will use their knowledge of your business and their relationships with your people to help guide the process, and enable a well-timed, safe and sustainable return to work. 

Privacy is a key consideration for non-work claims, and employees can choose to have their claim managed by Howden Care or ACC. When they choose us, we will provide you with regular updates on their return to work progress.  

Why partner with Howden Care?


We are experts with an average of 20 years employee health and claims management experience – we are passionate, innovative and solution focused  who work closely with our clients to deliver results. 


Our tailored health and injury management programs are able to grow with your business – we deliver a single service to a full people risk offering based on your needs now,  and as these change into the future. 


We help you understand your risk profile, work out what you already do well, and where there may be opportunities for improvement in managing your people risk. 


Our services are driven by an industry-leading data intelligence and analytics platform – with the ability to demonstrate identify insights into your injury and illness trends. You will be able to prevent future claims, effectively track interventions and highlight return on investment. 

Benefits for employers and employees

The outsourcing of non-work ACC claims to experts such as Howden Care was introduced in 2013. This was done after consultation with the NZ Council of Trade Unions and Business NZ, and the contract and costs are met by ACC. 

The benefits for your business and your people are immense, with some of them being:

  • Significant reduction in days off work - positive for both you and your people
  • A dedicated point of contact making it simple to get in touch
  • Regular reporting on return to work expectations for each person off work on a non-work injury claim
  • Positive outcomes that do not come at the expense of an individual’s right to privacy
  • Faster and sustainable return to work and health
  • Improved injured worker satisfaction  

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