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For 25 years, we have managed insurance and pensions for medium-sized and large law firms in Norway. We have more of the largest law firms than anyone else, and we have retained most of them for several decades. We believe it's because we don't take our customers for granted, which is easy to do in long-term partnerships. We continue to deliver and work hard to ensure that the firms have the best prices and terms.

As leading insurance advisors, it's natural for us to choose Howden as our insurance broker. Howden provides valuable assistance and delivers quality at all levels.

Schjødt, Klaus Henrik Wiese-Hansen, Partner

We provide the following services to law firms:

  • Professional liability insurance, with our own industry-leading terms
  • Pensions, including top hat
  • Personnel insurance, including top hat
  • Property insurance with our own purchasing collective and market-leading prices.

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