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Personnel insurance

Many of us need insurance against illness, accidents, and death. Collective agreements through employers are far cheaper than insuring privately. We help your business put together a suitable insurance scheme.

We are a proactive broker who benchmarks prices and conditions annually, ensuring that your business always has the best terms. With our knowledge of the market and products, we ensure competitive prices and conditions on the recommended insurance package. Workers' compensation, recreational accident, sickness, and group life insurance are the most common products.

Workers' compensation

Workers' compensation insurance is mandatory by law. The insurance covers injuries and illnesses that occur during working hours and are related to work. There is no employer's tax on the costs.

The compensation is standardised and can entitle to the following compensation items:

  • Compensation for permanent disability or injury, such as a hand or hearing loss.
  • Loss of work capacity and income.
  • Future expenses for prostheses, wheelchairs, and the like beyond what the national insurance scheme covers.
  • Loss of income and expenses up to the settlement date beyond what the national insurance scheme covers.
  • Payout to spouse or partner in case of death and extra payout if the employee has children under 20 years old.
Leisure accident

Leisure accident insurance applies if an accident or injury occurs in leisure time. The insurance applies worldwide and has few exceptions. Coverage and choice of insurance sums are flexible. Leisure accident insurance is a relatively inexpensive insurance.


Most illnesses are caused by factors other than work. These include cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, MS, and musculoskeletal disorders. To receive compensation for such conditions, sickness insurance is a good solution.

Group life

Group life insurance provides compensation for death regardless of cause or family situation. The compensation does not enter the estate and is usually paid to a spouse or partner. However, the compensation can also be designated to, for example, children. Compensation can also be distributed to different people. Spouses or partners and children should not pay inheritance tax on the tax-free compensation. Group life insurance is a flexible product and can be built up in many ways. We provide advice on various compensation models and assist with calculations.

Only some working people die before the age of 70, and therefore group life insurance is a relatively inexpensive product.

Critical illness

Many people who are affected by a severe illness face financial challenges. With this insurance, agreed compensation is paid out quickly. Therefore, the payment can be used for experiences or treatment while the course of the illness is in an early stage. Examples of illnesses that entitle to compensation are cancer, heart attack and certain heart surgeries, stroke and brain tumours, multiple sclerosis (MS), organ transplantation, and kidney failure.

Health insurance

About 650,000 employees in Norway now have health insurance through their employers. Many employers purchase insurance to increase the likelihood of getting injured or sick employees back to work as soon as possible. Many employees value health insurance highly because it provides quick access to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment in the private healthcare sector.

The health insurance product is constantly evolving, and the current trend is for companies to reduce the number of available physical treatments without referrals. It is becoming common to include psychologists and addiction treatment in the insurance. Online medical services that can assist with referrals, sick leave, and prescription renewals without the need to visit a doctor's office are also becoming more common.

We closely monitor developments in the health insurance market and advise your business to choose the right coverage for your employees.

Travel insurance

We help you find the travel insurance that best suits your business needs.

Travel insurance covers individual employees on business trips and is valid worldwide. The insurance can be covered per employee or as a declaration agreement where the number of annual travel days is agreed upon. Many companies extend business travel insurance to cover employee and their family during their free time. It is also possible to include an accident insurance policy that provides a one-time compensation in case of medical disability or death. Additionally, it is possible to take out travel insurance that includes a medical component for expatriate employees. We find the travel insurance that best suits your business needs, considering both price and product range.

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