Hybrid pension

Howden participated in the development of the hybrid pension product and therefore has unique knowledge of hybrid pensions.

A hybrid pension combines the best features of defined benefit and defined contribution pensions. The result is an attractive pension plan for both the company and employees.

Retirement pension

A hybrid pension is a relatively new product that ensures employees a higher retirement pension than an equivalent defined contribution pension plan, while the employer has predictable costs.

Future pension benefits, like a defined contribution plan, will consist of contributions and returns, but also include a mortality cross-subsidy. A mortality cross-subsidy means that members who die early contribute to the pension benefits of others, resulting in a higher retirement pension than an equivalent defined contribution pension plan. The payment period for the pension can be lifelong, but the company can set a shorter payment period for the pension plan. A shorter payment period means that the annual pension will be higher than with a longer payment period.

Risk coverage

A good pension plan provides employees with financial security as a retiree. The pension plan can also provide financial security for the company's employees and their families in unforeseen events such as long-term illness or death. Our expertise in products such as contribution and premium exemption, disability, spouse, cohabitant, and child pension allows us to guide your business to important and cost-effective solutions for employees.

If a member is only receiving disability benefits from the National Insurance Scheme, their income can be more than halved. A good disability pension plan through an employer can supplement the disability benefits employees receive from the government and provide good security in their everyday life. Similarly, survivors can have their financial burden eased if the company establishes survivor coverage for their employees.

As an employee, you will not be taxed on the employer's costs for risk coverages.

Advisory concept for hybrid pension

We actively contribute to ensuring that our customers always have the right insurance coverage and competitive premiums. We provide professional advice and services that help create added value through quality assurance and resource allocation.

Cost Reductions

It can be challenging to get an overview of the total cost picture in a hybrid pension plan, as it is contribution-based during the accumulation phase and benefit-based during the payment phase. As a leading broker in the hybrid pension market, we can calculate economic effects and advise on optimal coverage. We have participated in the legislative process and have close dialogue with the life insurance companies that offer the product, which gives us a unique understanding of the product's cost structure. This way, our customers achieve significant cost savings.


Howden's customers are guaranteed a time- and cost-effective management of the pension plan. Revision of costs and terms is an important and demanding task that we perform for our customers. We also prepare forecasts for budgeting purposes and provide information and advice to the company's decision-makers and employees. We help the employer highlight the pension plan as an important employee benefit.

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