Defined benefit pension

Howden has extensive experience with defined benefit pensions, whether it involves continuing or terminating a pension plan.

The market for defined benefit pensions in Norway

In Norway, defined benefit pensions are the traditional pension product, both in the private and public sector. The market for defined benefit pensions is closed to establishing new plans, but many companies still have defined benefit pension plans.

It is currently not possible to transfer defined benefit pension plans from one insurance company to another, but we can still ensure that existing plans are optimized in terms of administration and costs. If your company wants to consider alternatives to the current defined benefit pension plan, we can calculate the economic effects for both the employer and employees.

Conversion to other pension plans

Employer costs associated with defined benefit pensions are unpredictable and have been rapidly increasing in recent years. This has led to a large number of defined benefit pension plans being either closed or terminated.

Transitioning to defined contribution or hybrid pensions may lead to reduced pensions for employees. In this regard, Howden can assist in calculating various compensation solutions for the company's employees. We help your company calculate the economic effects of alternative solutions to the current defined benefit pension plan.

Advisory concept

Howden actively contributes to ensuring that our customers always have the correct insurance coverage and competitive premiums. We provide professional advice and perform services that contribute to creating added value through quality assurance and resource release.

Cost reductions

Defined benefit pensions are a complex and composite product. Howden has advisers and actuaries who understand the product and are authorized to make the necessary calculations. Although the market for defined benefit pensions is currently closed, Howden can contribute to better management and administration of the company's plan.


Howden's customers are ensured a time- and cost-effective management of the pension plan. Revision of costs and terms is an important and demanding task that we perform for our customers. We also prepare forecasts for budget purposes and provide information and advice to the company's decision-makers and employees.

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