Occupational pension

Norwegian employers are legally required to finance pension accumulation for their employees. However, the extent and design of a pension plan can vary greatly. At its most basic level, the plan only satisfies the minimum legal requirements, while in a more comprehensive form, it is a highly valued employee benefit that contributes to increased motivation and loyalty.

As brokers, we want to help ensure that your company offers its employees pension conditions that are well-suited to the company's finances, strategy, and recruitment needs, while also achieving the best possible terms from the pension provider. Whether starting with a blank slate or dealing with more complex conditions, our advisors have extensive experience in finding the right solutions and communicating them to employees.

Howden offers advice on both defined contribution, hybrid, defined benefit, and public service pensions. On our various theme pages, you can read more about different product and service areas. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information on the values we can help create for your business.

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