Buildings and property

It goes without saying that buildings and property must be insured, but does your business have the appropriate additional coverage? Utilize our expertise to regularly tender your insurance policies, ensuring that you get the best tailored coverage and prices. Below is an overview of typical coverages for property and assets.


A building insurance policy covers, among other things, fire, water, and natural damages. Well-maintained buildings with good security measures achieve lower premiums.


Insurance coverage for assets includes all of the company's machinery, equipment, goods, and furnishings. Your business should have considered whether there are any machines or equipment that are particularly important for operations. There may be a need to expand the insurance coverage to include more types of damage.

Especially important machines

A machine insurance policy will cover more types of damage than a regular property insurance policy. For example internal damages such as mechanical failure not caused by external factors. Such coverage may also be relevant if the machine is used outside the company's premises.


We recommend having extended insurance coverage that specifically covers expensive individual items, such as art, and costly laptops that are naturally taken outside of the office address. The reason is that valuable item insurance policies cover more types of damage than a regular insurance policy. When there is a need to insure art collections, there are special insurance products that are specifically tailored to this. The art will also be covered when it is borrowed or sent for restoration.

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