Workers’ compensation & accident insurance

Workers compensation is cover provided not only for occupational accidents but also for commuting accidents on the way to and from work. It operates on a no-fault basis. 

Some of the services we offer to you

  1. Design and implementation of the accidents cover that meets your aspirations
  2. Guide you through legislative and regulatory complexities
  3. Communicate with your employees and help you bring your accident policy to life
  4. In-depth analysis of your accident policy and claims
  5. Day to day handling: such as administrative support and contract management
Mandatory Workers compensation insurance: the basics

Workers compensation is a mandatory cover organised at the expense of the Employer through specifically licensed private insurance companies.

Only a part of the individual gross annual salary that does not exceed the statutory maximum ceiling is covered. In 2020 the maximum legal ceiling amounts to 44.817,89 EUR. This limit applies both to the premium calculation and to the calculation of the compensation of the victims.

Want to provide more? Other types of Workers compensation we can help with:

Voluntary Excess Workers’ Compensation

Any salaries, per each & every individual, exceeding the 44.817,89 EUR ceiling can be covered on a voluntary basis.

Most Employers nowadays take out both coverages as most Collective Labour Agreements automatically foresee the Voluntary Excess cover as a part of the employee’s total compensation package.

Voluntary Private Life Accidents

In addition to the above-mentioned coverages, some companies also arrange on a voluntary basis, coverage for Private Life Accidents, i.e. accidents occurred outside the occupational and commuting time frame.

Both above mentioned voluntary coverages are governed by Common Civil Law, implicating that the employer has the choice of either maintaining (mirroring) the statutory Workers’ Compensation coverage or either arrange a tailor-made coverage using bespoke multiplicators of an agreed salary.

All above insurances cover an amount in case of Death, a replacement income in case of Temporary and or Permanent Disability and Medical Expenses.

Extra-legal Extensions of Cover

Given the fact that the Law on Workers’ Compensation goes back to 1971, the statutory coverage is no longer fully adapted to the increased complexity of nowadays’ society, especially when it comes to one’s civil status and workplace-related risks.

To overcome such gaps in coverage, Howden has arranged with all WC insurers an agreement to provide an extra-legal extension of coverage for risks/situations such as the Cohabitant Partner, Flex-work/Telework, Sports-, Social- & Cultural activities organized by the employer.

We believe it is crucial for each person to protect himself against financial losses due to accidents, including work accidents. As an employer, you can stand out and help your employees protect themselves. Put your people first and they will put their clients first. That’s what Howden truly believes. Do that and you will retain and attract talent.

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