Property insurance

As the home of your business, few risk management exposures are more fundamental than those related to your property. As operations grow in size and scope, so do the risks, which presents the danger of rendering your current property cover inadequate.

The world and its risks are constantly changing. As your company evolves, the risks that you are exposed to are likely to change, too.

How we design your programme

We work in partnership with you to design a bespoke solution to protect your business premises against all manner of risks.

Using some of the most advanced catastrophe modelling available, we identify and quantify your company's exposure to catastrophic loss caused by:

  • Fire & explisions
  • Windstorm
  • Aircraft
  • Lightning
  • Terrorism
  • Computer viruses
  • Supply chain disruption.

We also mitigate the financial impact of these risks through Business Continuity Planning and we determine the financial value of transferring and retaining risk.

Howden Broking Group is located in more than 90 territories all over the world so we will be able to assist in:
  • The design and placement of your programme with (re)insurance markets throughout the world;
  • Identifying and reducing your risks of loss through active risk control protocols and development and testing of business continuity plans;
  • Providing policy form comparisons;
  • Crafting manuscript wording;
  • Providing guidance on current topics and highlighting emerging trends in our regular publications
  • Expediting claim negotiations.

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