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At Howden Belgium we are able to call upon the expertise of hundreds of Finance specialists within the Broking Group. Howden is entrusted with placing 40% of the total market for the financial services sector’s Professional Indemnity Insurance. We represent one third of the Top 100 Financial Advisors. With 25 years’ experience, we are highly respected in the PII markets, which affords our clients certain advantages. 

Many of our financial teams across Howden Broking Group have in excess of 25 years’ experience working with financial advisory firms, networks and consultants. 

During that time, we’ve experienced most things: regulatory change, economic crises and fluctuating market conditions. Therefore, we can give balanced advice and agile solutions for most eventualities.

Why do financial advisors choose Howden? 
  • Tailored policy wordings that offer some of the broadest – therefore safest - cover in the market
  • Specialist claims advocacy from dedicated handlers who know the financial services sector inside out
  • 20,000 claims notifications handled on behalf of IFAs in the last 4 years 
  • Risk management advice seminars and bespoke advice 
  • Insightful claims data analysis that helps you spot trends and avoid pitfalls
  • Deep experience in managing risks in mergers and acquisitions  
  • Direct, broad market access – we enjoy good relationships with many insurers, more than any other broker working with IFAs 
  • We don’t access the insurance markets through other brokers (which slows the process for you and can make it more expensive). 

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