Marine Cargo insurance

Tailored multinational insurance programmes for traders, importers, exporters, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and wholesalers

As a large global broker, Howden can help reduce your overall cost of risk by simplifying and streamlining policies into one, broad wording that will protect you all over the world.

We’re adept at providing cost-effective cover for complex and non-standard risks – but we also source more mainstream insurance, including higher volume, lower value shipments.

Many of the international trading Houses are insured on the Belgian Insurance Market.


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Marine Cargo insurance is less stressful with specialists

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    Complex/non-standard risks

    Risk is a little unusual? We'll get you a cost-effective deal while the others are scratching their heads.

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    Over paying or underinsuring

    Avoid financial pitfalls by fine-tuning wordings and optimising spend

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    Online risk toolkit

    Free up time using our online system to declare and monitor your shipments.

What does standard Marine Cargo insurance cover?

  • Perils of the sea
  • Theft
  • Malicious damage & poor handling
  • Fire and accidental damage
  • Inland transit cargo insurance

As a specialist Marine insurance practice, Howden can build all these covers into one policy, simplifying the process of insuring your valued cargo.

Policies are available on an annual or shipment basis. An open policy covers you for a year at agreed-upon rates, subject to declarations.

A specific policy covers for a single shipment; door to door. We’re ready to cover virtually any item or commodity, from a fine art painting to a hundred thousand tonnes of coffee and virtually anything in between.

Additionally, you may want to consider
  • Stock throughput
  • War risks insurance
  • Confiscation & expropriation
  • Credit insurance

Insurance cover and risk management are two vital aspects of international trade in goods. If you’re moving things by sea, air or rail, you’ll want to know you’ve got a robust approach to both. 

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