Aviation industry

Aviation is a complex, high-value and constantly changing industry: vulnerable, in the worst-case scenario, to catastrophic losses.  Insurance solutions need to be innovative, cost-competitive and individually tailored to clients’ specific needs. 

Together with our specialist teams in London and elsewhere, we offer via our specialist teams in London and elsewhere, an important combination of aviation-industry knowledge, insurance expertise and client management skills.  We work closely with individual clients to ensure we thoroughly understand their business, can assess their risk-profile and then create a bespoke solution. 

Our aviation clients include commercial, cargo and charter airlines as well as air-taxi operators, flying clubs and private owners.  We also offer specific products such as Loss of Licence and Personal Accident for pilots.

General Aviation
As well as airport operators, air traffic controllers, ground handlers and other aviation service or maintenance providers.


We can also help manufacturers of various aviation products to deal with their specific liability or products recall exposures.

In this new digital world we can also provide specific cyber consulting and insurance solutions that address the specific needs of the aviation industry. 

For our Aviation clients we have the following products in our product and service offering:

  • Aircraft Hull and Liability 
  • Aircraft Hull War Risks 
  • Airport / Aerodrome Terminal Operators Liability 
  • Employers’ liability
  • Premises Liability and Vehicles Airside 
  • Products’ Liability & Recall
  • Directors & Officers Liability (also in conjunction with other Liability insurances).
  • Personal Accidents 
  • Pilot Loss of Licence 
  • Property Damage & Business Interruption
  • Specific Aviation related Cyber insurances.
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We deliver insurance solutions that adhere to the very highest standards demanded

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