Chemicals & Minerals industry

Howden provides specialist industry-based advice, insurance placement and claims advocacy services, and also leverages relevant data, technology platforms and analytics helping you to reduce your total cost of risk.

Chemical companies have at least 4 areas of exposures that require specific risk solutions:

  • Fixed assets and installations: many chemical companies have invested a lot of many in their manufacturing facilities;
  • Human capital: employee health & safety are important for any employer but it is even more important in the chemical sector;
  • Environmental liabilities; and
  • Supply chain exposures.

All these risks can affect significantly your business operations and P&L margins. 

Howden as a group is well-positioned through its global presence, market and industry knowledge to provide traditional and/or alternative solutions in the area of: 

  • Property Damage & Business Interruption; 
  • Contingent Business Interruption & Non-damage Business Interruption;
  • Construction All Risks;
  • Cyber First & Third Party Insurance; 
  • General & Products Liability, including Product Recall;
  • Environmental Liabilities; 
  • Employer’s Liability and/or Worker’s Compensation;
  • Supplemental Worker’s Compensation insurance.


Minerals are a chemical blend in its natural pure form. 

We can provide similar solutions as listed here above to companies active in the extraction of minerals. Specific for this sector is the mining activities: open quarries or underground mining. Property Damage losses can be huge and the impact of natural catastrophes can be devastating, depending on the territory where you have mining operations. 

Mineral companies are also more and more involved in legal liability claims especially when their products are blended with other products (e.g. construction materials). The liability for costs related to removal and refitting costs can be significant. Howden can help you with the handling of these claims through a team of specialists around the globe. 

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